Security Systems

Over the past few years we have seen millions of high end cars across the UK stolen through key cloning theft. It all started with BMW mysteriously disappearing off owners driveways, early hours in the morning. Fast forward a few years and its now uncommon for our morning Facebook news feeds, to be filled with the nights cars stolen in our area. we are now seeing huge numbers of Ford, Audi, Land Rover and Mercedes hit by the threat. Worst hit areas in the UK are London, greater Manchester, Essex, Midlands and Liverpool.

Pandora secures against everything! Weather it’s OBD port theft and key cloning. A specially designed second secure immobiliser designed for push button start vehicles. But most importantly! 128bit encryption. All our packages also offer the option to upgrade to Anti-Hijack immobiliser tags. This protects the owner against key theft as well as being dragged out of the car at the traffic lights. 

Pandora Security

With 156bit encryption, long range 856mhz legal pager remotes, Anti hijack 2.5ghz driver card remotes, protection against key cloning, scanning and jamming, when connected with our specially designed OBD port & Push button start engine immobilisers, makes Pandora Car alarms one of the securest aftermarket alarm system in the world and the best choice to secure your car.


  • Protects your car from OBD port & Relay theft
  • Bluetooth Immobilser Tag
  • Smart Phone App
  • Anti HighJack mode


  • Protects your car from OBD port & Relay theft
  • Bluetooth Mobile Phone App
  • Shock/Tilt/Motion Sensors
  • 120DB Siren
  • Bluetooth Immobiliser Tag


  • Everything that comes with the Mini BT plus:
  • Long Range OLED Remote Fob
  • Dual Proximity Sensor with Warn Away
  • Added hidden Immobiliser


  • Everything the Mini BT comes with plus:
  • -Dual Proximity Warn Away sensor
  • 2nd Engine Immobiliser
  • Full Anti HighJack control
  • GSM Phone Notifications/Text/calls
  • GPS World Wide Tracking
  • 6 months GPS/GSM Subscription

Ghost Security System

Autowatch Ghost immobiliser is an anti-clone vehicle immobiliser system now available for customers wanting that added security. Designed to combat recent car crimes involving vehicle theft with owners keys.This new high-end security system is perfect for your vehicle security. Autowatch Ghost immobiliser delivers incredibly high security without the need for any unsightly key fobs or remotes.